November 24, 2006

Thanks To Daddy Types' Advertisers Who Stuff The Turkeys Of Our Lives With Goodness

Looking to ladle the gravy of gratitude from Daddy Types' discerning readership onto the brine-soaked goodness of your company, product, event, or belief system? Advertise on Daddy Types today [well, not today today, because all the slots are full, but still]. And to seat even more dads at your advertising table, check out Dad Ads, the dadblog network.

Thanks to:

  • PBS Kids
  • Tricycle Kids, specializing in kids' tricycles [!] of all varieties.
  • The United Church of Christ, specializing in Christmas for all.
  • Celebrity Baby Blog Reviews, reviews by and/or related to actual celebrity babies.
  • Sparkability, whose 3rd anniversary celebration--in the form of sweet gift certificate drawings--runs through November.
  • olie bollen, who are offering a sweet 10% discount using that there coupon code.
  • Monte Design, introducing modern gliders and rockers for savvy parents.

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