November 20, 2006

I've Never Seen A Creative Playthings Plywood Carriage


The Hobby Horse is in a museum and gets knocked off nationwide, but this beautiful Creative Playthings plywood carriage disappears into oblivion, with barely two Google mentions to rub together? How is that?

Wolfgang Sirch's bentwood doll stroller, I have seen, at DT advertiser OllieBollen, for example.

update: both Mark from Sparkability and Andy from, from on top of his mountain of awesome vintage kids design, I guess, sent in photos of their CP Wagon/Carriages that they just happened to find on eBay, no problem, gee, it wasn't that hard. Didn't you get one? No, I did not.




A year or so ago, these were pretty readily available on eBay. I got one. I think I noticed one of your other readers getting one. They are incredible and almost perfectly designed. A little too tall for a 10-month old learning to walk. But just right for a 2-year old. They started off with metal rims, but over the years ended up with plastic. I've seen all red, red & natural, and all natural color combos. With red, white or black rims.

Yes, I picked one up on eBay a few months ago. Very nice toy! Although mine is red and natural rather than all natural.

[last to know, part of one. last to know, part of one, Mr Allen, your table is ready. -ed.]

I have mine from when I was a child! The all-natural version. STURDY as anything. If you do find one, snap it up! My daughter loves to ride in it (even if it causes a bit of back-ache for us ...) and it was good for a 1-year old learning to walk.

Evelin, Send DT a picture.

Here's a picture ...

[awesome, thanks -ed.]

have creative playthings stroller for it and would love to offer to your blog do I do that? ebay or...?

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