November 17, 2006

Mothering Mag Gives Aid & Comfort To Breastfeeding Hippie Who Threatened Our Freedom [Airlines]

mel_gibson_freedom.jpegFirst, a correction: The plane had 9 rows, not 13. The flight number was DL6160, but it's a codeshare with Freedom Airlines [!]. But to those who've complained about my hippie terrorist characterization: the kid's name is River, so that plane has taken off. Sorry.

All this comes from an exclusive email interview that Mothering Magazine has posted with the hippie who assaulted the Freedom-serving flight attendant with her partially covered breast. Definitely worth a read.

Also from Mothering, here's International Breastfeeding Icon designer Matthew Daigle's eerily prescient discussion of the threat breastfeeding poses to the delicate sensibilities of airplane occupants:

MM: Any breastfeeding-in-public experiences you'd like to share?
MD: The most awkward experience we had breastfeeding in public was on a four-hour flight to visit my family. The airline had my wife and I in separate seats (with my wife in a middle seat), even though we had booked our tickets months in advance. My wife and I pleaded with the airline explaining to them that it would be very difficult for my wife to be discreet and breastfeed our son if she was seated between two passengers. The airline would not budge. So when we boarded the plane a wonderful man from Minnesota gave up his seat (that he paid extra for just to sit by a co-worker) so that I could be with my wife and she could breastfeed Hayden more discreetly. The plane was very hot so my wife could not cover Hayden with a blanket and feed him—so I basically had to hold up the blanket so they could have air. My wife told me Hayden was making these loud sucking sounds and was saying "Mmmmmmm" as in "Yum, Mom" the whole feed—it was hilarious.


MM: Where would you put the symbol?
MD: ...I would also like airplanes to offer both a wheelchair accessible/breastfeeding seat. When the seat is not being used by people in wheelchairs, then it could be used by breastfeeding mothers. The breastfeeding symbol on airline websites and ticketing information would indicate to families that such a seat was available.

Freedom Airline's new spokesman had no comment on the incident, except to repeatedly shout out the company name.

Ongoing Coverage of Breastfeeding Mom Kicked off Plane: Our Exclusive Web Interview []
Mothering's interview with Matt []

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