November 14, 2006

Niiice. Pristine Creative Playthings Townhouse On eBay


This Creative Playthings Townhouse is in amazing, apparently unplayed-with condition, and it comes complete with seven molded plastic rooms of furniture. [Huh? Great way to get around the "124-piece set of choking hazards," but how creative can your play be when you can only move furniture around in Showcase Showdown-sized clumps? Buy the kid a nice set of older CP wood furniture to go with it.]

Anyway, in case the design importance of this vintage toy is not immediately apparent to the parent, the seller conveniently includes a DWR-ful of modernist and modern nursery staples in the background: a repro Eames rocker, a repro CP Red Ball hobby horse, and an authentic Oeuf crib. No underappreciated bargains here. [update: definitely not. it sold for $355.01+13.50 s/h. well done.]

CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS Wood TOWNHOUSE, currently $248 [!!]+13.60 s/h, bidding ends Nov. 23 [ebay]
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