November 14, 2006

Baby Roadies: Diaper Genie II Doesn't Stink

How bummed am I that the kid gives up diapers just in time to deny me the joy of filling a Diaper Genie II? Uh, not that bummed, to be quite honest.

But as a fervent student of diaper disposal technology, my feeling I had when I heard Matt had a firsthand review of the Diaper Genie II at Baby Roadies can only be compared to the giddy anticipation of standing in line opening night at the Ziegfeld for the first new Star Wars film.

Maybe Lucas should've consulted Playtex, because the Diaper Genie II apparently does not suck at all:

While I still swore by our old Genie, even I was starting to notice that as Oscar’s diapers got heftier and more foul, opening the Genie hatch left a temporary lingering waft of stench. But no more. I suspect it has to do with the new and improved inserts, but not a hint of odor escape the new one.
I'd just point out that Playtex didn't actually build a better mousetrap; they licensed it. But otherwise, the DGII sounds like it's 100% R2D2 and 0% Jar-Jar Binks.

Number Two []
Previously: Daddy, where do Diaper Genie II's come from? [besides Amazon, of course]

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