November 13, 2006

Daddy Type Wins Breastfeeding Icon Design Contest

While it's my third favorite icon designwise, I have to admit, at-home dad Matt Daigle's design did have a couple of advantages over my top choices:
target_logo.jpg umas_bosomas.jpg

For one thing, it was actually submitted to Mothering Magazine's international breastfeeding icon design contest. And it is certainly the finest of the finalists [though the thought of seeing this gaping baby-mouth-and-nipple plastered all over malls and airport concourses is pretty damn funny.]


Also, while I was still waiting to hear back from Uma's people and opening my cease&desist from Target's counsel, Daigle's design sailed into the public domain free-and-clear.

Public domain? Sweet. Let the photoshopping and/or swag production begin. We've gotta get this icon seen, people.

Read an interview with Matt Daigle, Mothering's breastfeeding symbol contest winner, and see other contest entries [ via dt reader sara]
Previously: Mothering Magazine's International Breastfeeding Icon Design Contest

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Welcome back, Uma!

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