November 10, 2006

Noggin Renting Jack, Big Music, Laurie Berkner To The Highest Bidder


Now Modern Day Dad's the real expert on this, but I do know that the kid will, from time to time, ask for Jack's Big Music Show by name. And since it's about 99% less annoying than The Wiggles, we give in sometimes, and let her watch it.

Now, those drum-playing pups are coming home to roost, because Noggin is auctioning off a private JBMS screening and a Laurie Berkner Band concert at their NYC HQ to the highest bidder--and up to 20 of his kid-sized friends.

All proceeds go to Noggin's Get Ready To Read - First Book campaign, which is seeking to place one million books in homes with at-risk kids. Bidding ends Nov 27th, but unlike eBay auctions, there's no set endtime; bidding continues until there's a 5-minute lull in the action. Bidding started at $500, which is what gift bags alone would cost for the kid's 2007 birthday party. You may be bidding against me.

Also up for sale [dec. 06 update: winning bids follow in italics]:

  • Six [6] custom Fleurville-Noggin diaper bags full of Noggin swag {$225 ea.], for "you or your favorite new mom" [ed: nice pronoun dodge there, Noggin]
  • Moose will call and read your kid a story [just $105], or he'll call to sing goodnight to five [INSERT KID'S NAME HERE] kids. [$65/call]
  • A reading time visit by Joe from Blues Clues, [$2,150] or Joe's shirt from Blues Clues [$250]. [So if you win both, do you get a visit from Joe where he takes off his shirt?]
    A Private Jack's Big Music Show Premiere Event featuring a LIVE! performance by The Laurie Berkner Band [$3,550] [ via dt reader naomi]


    while I won't be bidding on the nyc-centric stuff, I encourage anyone who wins to think of inviting Roo, a charming Wichita-based 32 month old to their party... her mommy is a cheapskate.

    Why can't they have a good fundraiser, like bidding on a retirement package for Laurie Berkner that provides an income for her if she promises to never play anything, anywhere, ever again?
    I'd be down with that.

    [clean 'em up. ba pa dum. pack it in. ba pa dum. -ed.]

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