November 10, 2006

Daddy Types Advertisers Give You The Shirts Off Their Backs

Thanks to the advertisers who, well, they fill our websurfing vision with interesting and useful and informative offers for new dads and their kin, that's what they do:

  • Vincent, cool shoes for kids from Sweden, now, finally, available in the US.
  • Celebrity Baby Blog Reviews, reviews by real-life celebrity babies.
  • Thin, a documentary window into the struggles of an eating disorder, airing Nov. 14 on HBO.
  • olie bollen, cool things for kids, like those sweet Richter-y Zutano duds.
  • Can I thank myself for selling 'daddy type' t-shirts? I'd rather have you thank me for providing the perfect gift. Only while supplies last.
  • Sparkability, who are celebrating three years of providing better design for kids by offering drawings for $100 and $1,000 gift certificates in November. Anniversary Bonus Offer: DT readers can get 10% off through November by entering the promotion code: "dt1106" at checkout.

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