November 10, 2006

BlackHawk Damn! The BlackHawk Tactical Battle Bag


DT reader Eric tips the rest of us off to a site you law enforcement and Close Quarters & Clandestine dads out there already know [way to keep a secret, Eric]: If I were to order a diaper bag cold, it'd be the Tactical Battle Bag, available in black, coyote tan, or olive drab:

"Battle Bag", "Grab-to-Go Bag" - call it what you will, but you will want one. Organize all of your warfighting necessities in this over-the-shoulder carry bag. Everything from comm., chem. lights, concealed handgun, spare magazines, maps, GPS - all have a place in this bag to enhance your survivability. Great for vehicle, barracks, or the occasional R&R cab ride.

My favorite magazine is the New Yorker. And Dwell. Dwell's a great magazine.

BlackHawk Battle Bag, $99.95 []
Another good magazine: the BlackHawk Extreme Gear Magalog, $4.95 []


That battle bag is awesome. Short of getting my wife pregnant again to get a battle bag for a baby bag, I think I can find some other uses for it...

It is my pleasure to make more daddytypes informed to the cool and not "mommylike".

I was going to get that bag but I got the computer bag insead. I was in the reading room (you know technology with WIFI) when I read your new post. I did a whoo hoo and the Mrs. yelled from downstairs "what's going on". When I caught up with her I showed her the posting. I am very sorry for divuldging secret information that daddytypes will spend hours pouring over. The other great web page you might want to check out is I wear their pants all the time. They are comfortable and inexpensive. The TDU is water "spit-up" resistant. I have proof!!! Keep up the good work. Eric

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