November 8, 2006

Pixel: Gerhard Richter By Way Of Zutano


We're big Zutano fans, have been since our first gifts arrived before the kid was born. Their prints are a little cutesy sometimes, but they're also modern enough to be considered a staple.

I got to meet the Zutano folks at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas this year, and I told them how it was always tricky posting about a specific print or another because they seemed to rotate so fast.

Anyway, I already see that one of my recent favorites, called Pixel, is on the site, but not the Zutano online store. It is, however, in the window of a children's store down the street, so go figure. The reason I like it so much, I think, is because it reminds me of some of my favorite paintings by Gerhard Richter, the color sample series he did starting in the early 1970's.


One of those Richters, a 1974 painting called 4,096 Colors, is the inspiratation for a stained glass window the artist has recently been commissioned to make for the cathedral in Cologne. The painting itself sold for $3.7 million at Christie's in 2004, so whatever Zutano's charging, it's practically free.

Coincidentally, DT advertiser olie bollen has a Zutano Pixel Blanket for $21. []


Zutano's online shop only sells their Collectibles line which comes in 12 months and up. Their Baby Basics and Itzy Bitzy lines are available at other online shops and retail.

You can get Zutano at Baby On Board in Richmond, B.C. Canada

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