November 7, 2006

Vintage Creative Playthings Wood Blocks Two Ways on eBay


Unlike with some of their more unusual toys or exceptional designs, you can find pretty sweet modern equivalents to the vintage, tabletop-scale, wood blocks from Creative Playthings.

Still, if you're a purist, there are two fine-looking sets of these blocks on eBay right now, just waiting for you. [The small sizes, especially of the turned columns and the little triangle blocks, puts these in the chewable/choke hazard range for young kids, so sock them away until the everything-in-mouth stage is behind you.]

One set is part of a giant lot of CP toys that includes some winners and some duds [ooh, two toy brooms AND a dustpan??]. It's already at $32+shipping, and it doesn't end until Nov. 10.

If you don't want pickup sticks or play forks, you can buy the table blocks straight up [pictured above, looking like they've never left the box] from another seller, starting at $13+$8 shipping. That sale ends Nov. 13. [update: it sold for $101+s/h]

LOT OF CLASSIC TOYS FROM CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS, ends Nov. 10 [update: sold for just $32. wow.] [ebay]
Creative Playthings Natural Wood Tabletop Bloks MIB, ends Nov 13 [ebay]

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