November 7, 2006

Amazon Throws Out A Quick $100/$20 Offer For Toys&Games

Ah, back in the good old days [until Spring], Amazon used to run these sweet promotions on diapers, where a $50-70 order would score you a $20-30 gift certificate a few weeks down the road.

Well, the diaper promos seem to have stopped, but Amazon just announced a quick gift certificate promotion, this time for toys and games.

Basically, if you order $100 or more of toys and games from Amazon [not a third-party retailer] by November 12th, you'll receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate by December 1st. The certificate's good for up to 60 days.

With a high initial order and a short window of opportunity, the offer's not spectactular, and it doesn't cover any baby products, video games, electronics, or DVD's, but if you have an itchy one-click finger and a holiday shopping list ready to fill anyway, why not see if you can make it work? [Read complete offer details here.]

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