November 6, 2006

Whoa. Inquarium, The In-Crib Aquarium, From Creative Playthings


Just when I think I'd gotten a handle on the whole Creative Playthings vintage toy thing, I get an email about this: The Creative Playthings Inquarium, The In-Crib Aquarium. Here's what the box says:

The newest crib toy--a true departure from the conventional and the make-believe! Real live fish swim before the infant's very eyes, introducing him to the wonders of sea life and the visual pleasures of color and motion. Leakproof pouch of clear heavy vinyl attaches securely to crib and holds iridescent nuggets (included) and fish (not included).
It's copyright 1969, and it's about a dozen iridescent nuggets of awesome, combined with at least half a dozen nuggets of pain in the ass to clean, I bet.

This one on eBay is new old stock in the box, never used, which may mean that someone in 1969 loved the concept but was a bit wary of the execution, too. Still, it's pretty freakin' incredible. Opening bid is $8.69+9s/sh. The auction ends Nov. 12.

Search for other vintage Creative Playthings toys and design on eBay [ebay]

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