November 6, 2006

Daddy Types Advertisers Are Iridescent Nuggets For Entertaining Your Kid

Thanks to Daddy Types' real live advertisers who swim before our very eyes last week, offering us a true departure from the conventional and the make-believe:

  • The 92nd Street Y Wonderplay program, a universe of classes and programs for families and kids 0-5, all in one convenient, Upper East Side location.
  • Celebrity Baby Blog, which has launched exclusive reviews by actual celebrity babies. Well, by or for, pretty much the same diff.
  • Vincent, the coolest baby and kid shoes from Sweden, now available in America.
  • Sparkability, pioneering purveyor of better things for kids. How pioneering, you ask? They're celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a sweet, weekly series of prize drawings. Run, don't walk.
  • The reclusive genius behind the Daddy Type t-shirt, available only while supplies last.

    To throw your iridescent advertising nugget into the leakproof vinyl Daddy Types sack, click here.

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