November 3, 2006

Oeuf Mittenwear So Cute It Gives Me The Shivers

oeuf_double_mitten.jpgOeuf may be famous for their bouncer and their sweet crib, but from the get-go, the company also had funny ["haha"] knits. Like a combination hood and dickey [sp, dickie?]. But when I saw their new alpaca pieces at ABC Las Vegas, I was like--

Seriously, it gives me shivers every time I think about how cute their Squeeze-me mitten is. It's an adult mitten with a kid's mitten sewn into the palm, so you can hold your kid's hand when its cold. Howcuteisthatseriouslythatissocute.

Almost as cute is their Hug-me Sweater, with mittens stitched on the front. The kid loves pockets. She had this red dress with pockets, and she'd march around with her hands shoved in her pocket all the day long. So it's really easy to imagine a kid really digging on being able to put his hands in his mitten pockets whenever he wants. For $88, you'll want to buy it a bit big and get at least two seasons out of it.


Oeuf essential knits: there's more where that came from []

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