November 2, 2006

Canadian Adoption Mess: Dad Wants To Keep His Kid, Money

There was a story a few months back about the US's confusing and misleading patchwork of laws covering a biological father's rights when the mother puts a kid up for adoption.

And since Canada like totally copies us every time, it's natural they'd have their own crazy scandals where a guy who "didn't even know she was pregnant until a few weeks before the baby was born" faces an uphill battle when he says he wants to keep his kid.

The adoptive mother said the dad, Rick Frederickson, "is but the provider of the sperm that produced Liam and nothing more to him.'' [The kid's only 5 months old, but the new parents say he's all bonded and stuff.]

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Canadian Childrens' Rights Council says, "If this was a woman whose baby was taken, police would have had this baby back to the mother, like, in 24 hours.''

But just as sure as a couch is a Davenport, there's a Canadian twist. While they're fighting the dad's claim and cancelling the one and only supervised visit agreed to so far, the adoptive parents are also hitting him up for child support.

Biological father, couple fight over child's custody [ via dt reader michael]
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Oh those crazy canadians!!

I wonder if I could hit him up for child support too - not for my kid but for my dog. I bet canada would go for that one.

I hope you've added Oriole Bird to your names list!!! Whew!

[all in good time, all in good time. -ed.]

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