October 28, 2006

Want A Friend? Get A Dog.

Heartening news for the SAHD's out there looking for playgroups and playdates. The NY Times says it's the newest trend. For for Stay At Home Dog owners:

Nothing involving pets, though, is just about the animal. Just as it’s no secret that mothers seek out play dates to mingle with other mothers, it is also common for dog owners to arrange play dates so they can socialize with people equally besotted with their own dogs.
Don't worry, no actual dads were harmed in the making of this news.

A Dog of a Date, Just As Scheduled [nyt via dt reader marjorie]

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well everybody knows that instead getting out an mingling with other humans and pets, we dads would rather plop down in front of the tube and watch nascar [ warning: shameless self-link ].

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