October 25, 2006

Sponsor Giveaway: 92nd St Y Family Music Concert, Sun. 10/29

Here's something new and exciting:

An illustrious advertiser, the 92nd St Y, has a ticket giveaway for Daddy Types readers. The first five people to email with 'daddytypes' in the subject will get early, guaranteed admission to one of the city's most highly respected pre-school programs.

Haha, kidding! But now that I have your attention...

Actually, it's something just as good: tickets to the next installment of the 92nd St Y's Family Music Concerts series, "Mr. Cello Takes a Bow," with Steven Isserlis on cello and Jeremy Denk on piano:

When Steven Isserlis picks up a bow, he can turn his cello into a swan, a braying donkey or someone in love. He can even make it play Beatles tunes! Join Steven and his friend, pianist Jeremy Denk, and find out how he makes his cello sing!
Sounds fun, and it's a perfect opportunity to explain to the kids what a Beatle is.

The concert is this Sunday, 10/29 at 3PM, [see event details]. The first five people to email the 92nd St Y with 'daddytypes' in the subject will receive tickets for up to 2 adults and 4 kids.

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Every night, my 2 year old calls to me, "dada, wanna sing Beatles song?" I even showed her a picture of the Beatles (c. 1964) in one of my books. I was very proud she "knew" the Beatles.

Of course, now I realize the truth, when I tried to sing her a different Beatles song, and she says, "dada, what's that song?" and I tell her it is a Beatles song, and she says, "that's not Beatles song!" The same is true when I show her a picture of them anytime from Sgt. Pepper's onward - "that's not Beatles!"

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