October 24, 2006

Here, Here: World-famous Designer Decries Cupholder Culture


Jessica Helfand is a designer's designer, and she plumbs deep meaning from the little things in our world the rest of us didn't even notice. This time around, not a moment too soon, she peers through the windshield of her Mini only to spy the feckless slackitude of our Cupholder Culture:

And anyway, whoever said anyone had to be drinking while strolling? As a Mom-on-the-go who managed to rear two children past toddlerhood without beverage dispensers surgically attached to our bodies, I can tell you that nobody ever had to be rushed to the hospital due to dehydr--
Whoa, check out those awesome Mini cupholder expanders!! CNC-milled aircraft aluminum, laser-cut acrylic to match your interior. They slot into the console's existing rinky-dink teacupholders and hold real, man-sized drinks out of the way of both the gearshift and your knees. Freakin' GENIUS. $89.95 apiece at Mini-Stuff.com.

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

My Cup Holder Runneth Over [designobserver via unbeige]

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