October 24, 2006

Get Into My Belly: Martha Stewart Turkey Costume


Never let it be said that Daddy Types won't stoop so low as to post about Martha Stewart. We WILL stoop that low, thank you very much, as long as it's funny enough.

Oh, but what's funny about the look on this kid's face who seems to know exactly what his parents have dressed him up as for Halloween? No lingering psychic scars in that house, I'm sure.

There are complete instructions and a Turkey Template, in case you're looking to carve up your kid just as he's started sleeping through the night.

Isabelle Ortley's Roast Turkey Costume [marthastewart.com via dt reader julie]


Wow, sick and wrong but still strangely appealing. Much like everything else that Martha Stewart does...

Did you see that these are being auctioned off on Ebay for not much more than a regular upscale costume shop prices? Less than a day left, though.


We're dressing our daughter up as a Tofurky.

Dunno, not sure it tops Kramer all "butterballed" up back in the day. The baby needs to be able to move the wings to really pull it off. Pass the canned cranberry sauce, please.

That kid looks really freaked out...it's like some sort of Anne Geddes photo gone horribly wrong...

It'd be an even better costume if it were a half-consumed turkey!

I'm not sure whether it's the designer or the parents of the model, but somebody should be forced to memorize the article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal about the burgeoning field of infant mental health. This is SO wrong. And I'm speaking as somebody who dressed her child as a lobster last year.

This was featured on last week's Best Week Ever on VH1. There were a bunch of other food costumes as well. Very disturbing indeed. Clip might be on the vh1 website.

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