October 21, 2006

Hey Microsoft, LamerDad.com Is Still Available.


So for three+ years, GamerDad.com has been a leading independent, pioneering resource to help parents get involved with their kids' video gameplaying. Started by a tech journalist and at-home dad and edited by parents and gaming enthusiasts, it's a widely recognized expert voice for--oh wait, what's that?

XBox.com has launched a new column for parents of gamers by the guy who wrote XBox 360 For Dummies? That's great. What's it called? Is there, by chance, someone named Dick involved?

GamerDad.com [tm] [gamerdad.com via metafilter]
GamerDad Makes His Mark on Xbox.com [gamerscoreblog.com, a msft employee site]

1 Comment

Wow, thanks for posting that. The original gamerdad site is really cool, and has a whole range of stuff that I'd be interested in, since I grew up playing games and still do today (albeit using considerably less time and with considerably less skill than I did when I was 15!)

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