October 19, 2006

Returnsforsale.com: Strollers So Nice They Sell Them Twice

Very interesting concept. Thanks to Niche Retail's Advanced URL Deployment System, it's always pretty clear what's for sale on a given site: JoggingStrollers.com, EliteCarSeats.com, ReturnsForSale.com, etc.

You may recognize the first two from their flashy advertisements on Daddy Types. That last one's new, though, and it has a twist: sure, it resells strollers and other gear that has come back to the store [each piece has a condition report and photo details where necessary, they also have closeouts]. But the already-low price for each item drops by 1% each day. The longer you wait, the cheaper it gets! Until, of course, it's gets just cheap enough for someone else, who snaps it up while you were rolling pennies.

At the moment, Mountain Buggies are especially popular, both as closeout and refurb, and running 15-30%+ off retail [returnsforsale.com]

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