October 19, 2006

MoMA Design Store Is 20% Off For Members Through Oct. 22

It's apparently Fall Sale Madness on Daddy Types today. The MoMA Design Store usually offers museum members a 10% discount on all their purchases. But when the holidays draw near [even a little near], they have Member Shopping Days, both in the stores and online, where members get 20% off their purchases.

What that means for kidstuff: a Pfeiffer Chalkboard Table, reg. $125, is $100. Chip Chairs, reg. $140/pr, are $112. Lisa Albin's rad Mod Rocker for Igloo is regularly $320, on sale for $256.

Of course, that also means another $700-888 off that Eames lounge chair you've been sweating over, too. Just sayin'.

MoMA Store Member Shopping Days through Sun. Oct. 22

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