October 19, 2006

GQ: Good Things Come In Pairs. Like Swedish Stroller Ramps


Whoa, check out this set! Of stroller ramps.

We've seen some in Copenhagen, too, but on GQ's design blog [I know, I'm as surprised as you.] Michael Hsu can't stop staring at these Swedish models, the likes of which are built into staircases all over the lovely, child-friendly paradise.

Swedish Stroller Ramps [gq blog]
totally unrelated: Johansson. Is that a Swedish name? GQ on "Hollywood's Ten Best Breasts"


Those ramps look good, and they'll work for most people. Our double stroller (side by side) has a middle set of wheels, front and back, and we found that they hit against the steps in between the ramps because the aluminum frame of the stroller flexes. Otherwise, they're a great idea.

As for the breasts....well, they're a great idea.


Does Uma know you've turned to a younger woman now?

[just momentarily blinded by the headlights is all -ed.]

FYI, the front wheels on our bugaboo were too close together to be used during our trip to Sweden so we either had to pop a wheelie and use the back wheels. Looks like they were designed for the giant euro-buggies we saw everywhere there.

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