October 18, 2006

Playground Series Handscreened Cards


Some day I'll stop prefacing every post of some kind of cute handprinted paper product with, "I don't do much crafty cute paper around here, but..." but that day is not yet.

Nevertheless, this Playground Series of notecards by Vivien Chang and Eric Jean-Louis are of recycled paper with hand-silkscreened silhouettes of old-skool playground equipment. They look pretty sweet, and they might make great birth announcements or thank you notes.

Theoretically, you could use them for playdate invites, too, but let's be real: you don't send out handwritten invites to playdates unless you're in the Junior League in Charlotte or Dallas. And if you are in the Junior League, a) your invitees would no doubt look askew at non-engraved, non-personalized papers, and b) you're a woman. Either way, you're beyond the lowly, helping reach of either Daddy Types or Canoe of Portland.

Playground Series Cards, 6 for $15 [canoeonline.net via designsponge]

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