October 18, 2006

Discovering Indie Movie Screenings For Babies, Just Too Late For The Idi Amin Biopic

If all you really want is to watch a movie, any movie just let me see the inside of a theater again before I die of lack of sleep,the multiplex weekday morning screening programs like Loews' Reel Moms are fine [except for the name. Loew's, are you ever gonna do something about that?]. The obvious problem is you're at the mercy of whatever random Hollywood junk happens to be loaded onto the platter that morning.

Now you can have a slightly better chance of seeing a semi-interesting film [or at least a semi-independent or foreign one] at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on East Houston st. Their Rattle & Reel program [nice non-sexist name] is for "caregivers and their babies" [smoooth] and it runs Wednesdays at 11AM, because though not the most convenient, the exact center of the week is the optimal time for reading subtitles, at least from a retinal fatigue standpoint.

"Oct 18: The Last King of Scotland [oops]. Oct 25: Running With Scissors" [eh] at Rattle & Reel at Sunshine Cinema [landmarktheatres.com via vv]

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i saw the al gore movie at the sunshine 11am wed baby showing, all six of us in the theater fell asleep. rumor is that the Battery Park City theater 'mommy and mes' all the first showings on Wednesday. Does that mean they turn down the sound and dont dim the lights so much, and keep out all the creepy old guys? i dont know. maybe. probably not.

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