October 17, 2006

DT Namewatch #5: A Lot Of Class

Hear any great or interesting names while you were lingering around the daycare dropoff? Send'em in and start a trend: names [at] daddytypes [dot] com

  • Treazure ["with a 'Z', from my daughter's preschool," via stephen]
  • Cirdan [another preschool classmate, "pronounced (KUR-din)," via ingrid]
  • Anselm [via cornell]
  • Nick Danger, Leon Uptown [6 months old, and still, no one's told him "yes, 'danger' IS your middle name"! You're the first! siblings via domenico]
  • Cuatro [he's a IV, and the 2nd IV we nicknamed Cuatro. No Quattros so far, though]
  • Khalym [via sirhayes]
  • Katrin [no 'a', "kat or kate for short" via eric & christina]
  • Lucia "(pronounced lou-sha)" Violet [via jen]
  • Hawkes [family name, via finn]
  • Mica [not Mika, nor Micah the Bible guy, but the mineral, via e.andi]
  • Atlas, Orion, Iris [siblings, via laurent]


    Evangalina and Allezandra (pronounced like alley-zandra). They're two of my three middle names. I was part of the first generation of weird names. Shauncherae (sean-sher-ray) and Charmell. My two first names. Yeah my parents were also cruel.

    Some geeky friends named their daughter Terran (meaning earthling).

    The funniest one I found while researching baby names a couple years ago was Xarles (pronounced Charles.)

    just saw another Katrin in an email from Iceland. when it rains it pours.

    The first time we went in to the pediatrician, they called the name "Ciara (sierra? siarra?) instead of Clara... that was a big heads up on how names are going these days.

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