October 16, 2006

"Cute Kid. What'ser Name?" "Travesty."

Uh-oh, the impossibly biased liberal media in Pelosi-land, that liberal hippie hotbed of San Francisco, is at it again, trying to brainwash everyone with their views of families and parenting.

What're they up to this time? ABC News anchor and talk radio host Pete Wilson spent an hour flaunting a new baby, born to a gay city official Bevan Dufty, and his lesbian friend, Rebecca Goldfarb, who have moved in together to raise the child. This is how he beat us over the head with his liberal media claptrap agenda, by comparing the baby to:

...a toy...a social science project or a possession...The Dufty-Goldfader baby is, in my mind, a travesty. Or a potential travesty. Perhaps that's a better way of saying it...

Here's an idea: We'll have a 49er impregnate a team cheerleader, and they can raise a mascot.

Damn liberal media. Waitaminnit, does this mean there's a gay player on the 49ers again?

a baby-as-toy-project-souvenir-or-mascot news update:: Madonna's bodyguard flew out of Malawi with a kid after the country's highest court granted an unprecendented waiver of the strict "resident adoption only" statutes.

KGO's Pete Wilson feels the heat after criticizing a gay-lesbian couple for having a child together. [sfgate via dt reader marjorie]


I actually grew up in San Francisco and am pro gay marriage etc. However, it was my personal experience that the 3 kids I knew who came from similar situations were extremely screwed up over sexuality and self-identity. I have no idea if all the parents were at fault and it had nothing to do with birth/home living arrangements (same gay/lesbian parent dynamic), but it was really odd.

That's why I tell people I'm trying to buy a baby instead of adopting. Well everyone except birth mothers, I just try to impress them with all the top of the line (expensive) equipment I've bought. Because they sure don't care that everyone says I'm the best parent they know.

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