October 12, 2006

Sutnar's Bauhaus-era Wooden Toys

Please please please will someone put me out of my misery and start producing these things? Everything I just wrote about Ladislav Sutnar's book goes 10x for his toys, most of which were made in the 1920's and early 1930's for the State Cottage Industry Institute in Prague, where Sutnar taught drawing. Sutnar designed these prototypes for production in the Institute's workshops.

I mean, how cool is this steamroller, for instance?


And these blocks which look like they were patterned after the Bauhaus Dessau itself? [OK, granted, those don't look like they lend themselves to a whole heckuvalot of play patterns, but still.]


Again, check out the Sutnar site for more, including elephant and walrus pulltoys, some great-looking trains, some knights and puppets...

If you have a woodshop, can you call me?
Previously: Sutnar's Build The City prototype blocks sold at auction for $8500

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