October 11, 2006

Mommy War Surplus Goods


Except for uncovering several choice quotes from Caitlin Flanagans' apparent flameout on The Colbert Report [ed.: youtube much?], everything you need to know about James Wolcott's hey-where's-the-party? review of some Mommy Wars-related books, you can learn from the title, which I assume he didn't even write.

The cover illustration, on the other hand, is extremely important. Nothing against bears and paisleys, but when is someone gonna step up and make a camo Bugaboo cover?
Mommy Wars: Mommies, Mommies, Mommies [tnr, sub req]


But then if you walked away from your stroller, you'd never be able to find it again!

[obviously, it'd be equipped with gps and laser sighting, too. -ed.]

Re: gps and laser-sightings...

I'd like to see pictures of bugaboo (or other) stroller customizations. I remember a while back, you had some pictures of one with travel patches. And we were recently discussing cork grips. Maybe that's the next contest?

I always wondered what men thought about the "mommy wars". But I also wonder if more dads did the stay-at-home thing if men would actually be just as annoying and viscious about the choices others have made. I know one SAHD who I think is awesome, but I know he takes a lot of shit from other dads and even moms--as in how he chose the "easy" way out taking care of his daughter and that his wife "wears the pants" in their household.

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