October 11, 2006

Because Sometimes You Gotta Kiss A Lot Of Frogs

I've been emailing about strollers with DT reader and dad-to-be Kevin [due in December, good luck with that, oh, and GO OUT EVERY NIGHT!]. He writes:

I originaly started the search a while ago and had put the Bugaboo on my black list. But, like my friend says, "every man wants to lick a Ferrari." So, I think it's going to be the Frog for us.
Yep, couldn't have said it better myself.

[obligatory self-serving Bugaboo purchase links: amazon, babystyle]


My wife and I just welcomed a new baby into our lives and have been doing a lot of stroller research. After all is said and done we are going to go with the Orbit Infant system. There are a lot of touches that the orbit has that bugaboo lacks (including awesome customer service) for example, the infant carrier can be used stand alone as a car seat with out the base. Talk about convenient now I can take the little guy in a cab with me. Also the one hand fold is super useful for my wife. Once we get it and use it for a while I will post a more thorough review.

So how is it going?!!

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