October 10, 2006

Vibe's Cookie To Not Be Called Oreo

Because Jay Z got upset when it was gonna be called Phat Baby, and Kimora got all up in their teething grill when they suggested Baby Diddy, Vibe's new parenting magazine will be called Prodigy.

Prodigy will be delivered first to nearly 200,000 female subscribers of Vibe Vixen [?] who have kids at home, because the advertisers really wanted a way to reach moms in a relevant way. I had a cynical joke ready about how the baby daddies only sounded relevant if they come through with money for shortie's new kicks, but since that's the operating model for most parenting magazines anyway, I'll just give a shoutout to the Vixens and wish'em all the best.

"Prodigy: a working title..." [wwd via gawker]

1 Comment

I went to a Prodigy concert back in my raver days. It was awesome.

{I think my dad had a Prodigy account in like 1991. -ed.]

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