October 8, 2006

Hey Little Baby, You Want Some Hand-Crocheted Candy Corn?


Let's face it: the American Academy of Pediatrics frowns on giving any candy to infants. Why, I even got grief for letting my 3-week-old daughter barely touch a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie with her protruding tongue. [I swear, it just fell on her tongue!]

Fortunately, this hand-made Candy Corn Rattle by Pepperberry Crochet is exactly the kind of beautifully executed toy a new parent needs to foster in his infant a highly developed appreciation of season-specific candy.

Now if only the Peeps people would focus their R&D efforts on creating some awesome plush squeezetoys instead of those shiver-inducing, eggnog-flavored [sic] snowmen, we'll be in business.

Candy Cane Rattle, $16, by Pepperberry Crochet at Mahar Dry Goods, the "Barney's for the Etsy set" [mahardrygoods.com]


Peeps does make plush toys, but I've only seen them around Easter. They're small and they look like the candy...just an outline of the animal. My daughter had a bunny Peep toy.

Yeah, we have a peep shaped plush basket that holds 4 plush peep toys.

[Yeah I should admit that I've come around on the Peeps toy thing from my blanket condemnation the 'previous' link above. Well-done Peeps toys = good. More product tie-ins than Spiderman = bad. mindless Peep-like-candy-of-the-month club = also bad. -ed.]

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