October 5, 2006

LĀ¹Atelier de Joel Robuchon at The Four Seasons, 57 E. 57th St Between Madison & Park - CLOSE ENOUGH

"No diaper table in the men's room. However, you can go downstairs to the massive individual bathrooms servicing the hotel. Plenty of room to change diapers. And you
can use their freshly-pressed linens as baby wipes."

Scouted by metrodad.

Note: the always-empty side lobbies mentioned previously have just been turned into restaurants.


C'mon MD, what America really wants to know is whether the Popeye's at 13th and First has a changing table. And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.....

[MD's office is in the garment district, so I'm sure he only goes to the Popeye's on 34th st. -ed.]

Bathroom in the 4 Seasons Hotel is, hands down, the best free bathroom in the city. I recommend it for changes between auditions as well as for changing diapers.

The Popeyes on W. 34th Street not only doesn't have a changing room table, it doesn't even have a bathroom! Is that even legal? How do they get away with that? Plus, they're damn stingy with the wet naps? Do I look like a homeless person trying to take a french shower? If you're not going to provide a restroom, give me some damn wet naps!

[who ordered the party bucket of extra-crispy AWESOME? thanks for the update, MD -ed.]

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