October 5, 2006

If This Volvo's A-Rockin...[And Chances Are It Is]

More breaking news from the self-promoting surveys department:
The sponsor this time: the Yes Insurance Company of Great Britain.
The topic: oh, the most popular cars to have sex in.
The least surprising finding: different words for everything in England. They say "passion wagons," we say "El Caminos."

But as JJ Daddy points out, they don't really have El Caminos in England, so the most popular passion wagon is the Volvo station wagon.

Considering the #2 and #3 are both vans, though--a Mercedes delivery van and a VW camper, respectively--I wonder if the survey isn't actually "What do the people who think most about having sex in their car drive?"

And what does it mean that the Audi TT [#6] and the Porsche Carrera [#8] are also in the top ten? Those cars are both so small and form-fitted inside, I can't imagine it's even possible for two people to--unless...

Unless in the UK, "passion wagon" doesn't mean a car for having sex with someone else...

Volvo Estate named 'best passion wagon' [dailymail.co.uk via dt reader jjdaddy]
There are currently 87 used [sic] Volvo Wagons for sale on eBay [ebay]
XC70 D5 AWD: "A Diesel Volvo Estate Thats Fun?" [yahoo uk]


I've been in an Audi TT, and while I can see how you could use to attract passion, I'm not sure of its value as a passion wagon.

Actually, would you want to buy a used Volvo wagon, now knowing what it was probably "used" for?

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