October 4, 2006

Aspiring Filmmaker Jogging That Stroller All The Way To Hollywood, Baby

OK, this is so wrong in so many ways, it might just be right.

After tasting all the success Syracuse has to offer a young filmmaker, Ryan Feaster decided it was time to make his talent available to the folks out in Hollywood. His offer, as his page on the MySpace explains it: "To convince a well-known and as-yet-unnamed Hollywood movie producer to grant me a production meeting -- where I will present him with a 3-film over 4-year movie deal!"

And how will he convince this producer to take said meeting? Easy. By blogjogging the 2,950 miles from Syracuse to LA.


But wait, there's more! Because last week [day 44, Mount Moriah, Missouri], Ryan's support van driver had to head back to Syracuse, leaving Ryan to complete the trip alone. Alone and pushing all his gear in a B.O.B. Ironman jogging stroller.

I know what you're thinking: who's he want to meet? what're the movies about? Did he fire his driver/cinematographer for shooting into the sun? How's the stroller performing?


So far so good, it seems: it carries a ton; it rides smooth, and when he has a decent-sized shoulder to run on, he can easily make around 30 miles/day; he's only had two flats, easily repaired; and Wal-mart lets you camp in their parking lots [company policy, apparently. Who knew? Guess they really are the good guys now.]

My real concern--besides the fact that he's crazy, of course [which doesn't bother me; he'll fit right in in L.A. I remember an environmentalist announcing a hunger strike to protest my client, the then-new Dreamworks' plan to build its studio on some wetlands. He told the radio guy he wasn't going to eat until he got a meeting with Spielberg, and the entire population of LA let out a giant "Bwaha!" and then silently wished they'd thought of that.]--is, "will he get his Stroll-Smart shipped in time to cross the Rockies?"

Plan 9 From Syracuse: the site, the blog, the MySpace
The B.O.B. Ironman will run you [heh] about $360 at JoggingStroller.com [a glamorous DT advertiser, btw]
Previously: Stroll-Smart hands-free jogging stroller adaptor


My guess would be he's pitching an adaptation of Handcarts to Zion.

[my people! westward ho! actually, I'm embarassed to admit that didn't once cross my mind. -ed.]

I thought at first that he actually had a kid in there. Then I realized that he was just using it as a shopping cart. It made my respect for him go down a bit. I mean he's crazy, but jogging across the country with a kid in a stroller? That would be true insanity.

Not only does Walmart let you "camp" in their parking lot, they apparently let you park your permanent home on wheels in their parking lot for years on end. At least if you live in the super expensive bay area housing market like I do. bleh. I think i've been staring at the same 4 super sized RVs in my local Walmart parking lot for about 2 years.

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