October 2, 2006

Nice Hood Ornament: Roller Buggy At 100% East, London Design Festival


I've seen this rig in several giant photosets from last weekend's 100% East, part of the London Design Festival, but I can't for the life of me figure out where it was exhibited, or who made it, or what that little red ribbon next to its nametag means.

Why can't people milling around at design fairs snapping photos of car seat-equipped scooter prototypes take more copious notes, then meticulously transcribe them for the benefit of all? I mean, what are we paying you people for? [hm? what's that? we're not paying them? Ah. awkward.] So. If you know something, please say something.

Anyway, this apparently award-winning rig is a rugged scooter, with what looks like a modded Bugaboo Frog handle on a custom aluminum frame. It's worth noting before you castigate the designer for turning a baby into a Maxi-Cosi-ensconced hood ornament, that the small photo on the nametag shows the car seat in rear-facing position.

update: DT reader Robert ID'd the designer as Austria-based Valentin Vodev, who has some action shots of the Roller Buggy at that link. The rig is not in or near production yet, AFAIK.

Roller Buggy, possibly at the Talent Zone, 100% East design fair, Sept. 2006 [flickr via core77]
photos tagged with "100east" on flickr


Now that is cool. I would love to have one of those.

I would hope that both the driver and passenger have helmets.

I found the designer of the Buggy Roller at the 100% East
his name is Valentin Vodev

or Pix Studio

I think it is a great idea. It seems to be an Austrian Designer and it seems to me that it was tested. As a designer and architect, I think that this is a real innovative idea.

[FINALLY. I'd been waiting to hear back from the 100%E people. Oy. Thanks for tracking this down, Robert -ed.]

This rocks! Forget having the baby in it, I just wanna go fast!

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