October 2, 2006

Fame Canada: Internationally** Reknowned* Pregnant-Chicks-In-Ads Expert*** To Appear On Radio

* And by reknowned, we mean, "will be famous, after he's interviewed on CHQR AM770 in Calgary."
** And by internationally, we mean "Calgary, which is in Canada."
*** And by expert, we mean, of course, "blogger."

I'd tell you to tune in to Rob Breakenridge's "The World Tonight" at 7PM Mountain Time [9EST] to hear about the latest in hot-pregnant-chicks-in-ads news, but as is always the case with these mass media phenomena, you're all way ahead of me already.

The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge [am770chqr.com]
Dude! Bob Garfield's my hero: Ads are pregnant with meaning [canada.com]
related: "Talking to Americans," with Rick Mercer

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