September 29, 2006

Ooh Ooh More From Ooba: A Crib, A Playtable, A Toy Box


And the winner of the damn finest looking crib in town award goes to...Ooba. Holy smokes, but the new Ooba Nest Crib, which just became available for pre-order today [with delivery starting in mid-November], is sweet.

A single, molded ply body with either walnut or maple veneer, sweet chromed metal feet that match the bassinet, removable rail for the inevitable daybed conversion option.

The crib manages to do one more remarkable feat: it makes their bassinet look cheap. Hey, it makes David Netto's crib look cheap, too; the rig is $2,300.


Actually, the Nest Bassinet equation changed today, too, with the introduction of a tabletop conversion kit to turn the Bassinet into a playtable and toy bin. It's like a little miracle, like a gift to the buyers of those sweet-but-extremely-short-usable-lifespan bassinets; now they don't look quite so conspicuously consumptive.

The playtable conversion kit runs $250. Both are available for pre-order at Sparkability [a fine daddytypes advertiser].
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Damn, Greg, I never thought as a man that I would ever lust after a crib. I feel dirty.

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