September 29, 2006

ABC Kids: Orbit Stroller Video-palooza

We're just hitting the road, but I wanted to point you to Coochicoo's video preview of the Orbit stroller from ABC Kids Expo.


Orbit was out in in-production force at ABC, with a sweet, rich brown mocha-colored blend of products and system components. They have reversible cushion sets that give a bit of color [but with less square footage of color than, say the Cameleon canopy/seatcover combo], and the rigs look really great.

The big surprises for me were the carrycot/bassinet and the rocker base, for a little rocking around the house. We loved wheeling the kid around in her Bugaboo bassinet, but I can totally see how a wheels-stay-in-the-foyer household could still get the stroller-as-bed benefit.

Anyway, check out Robert's videos. Those rigs are in stores now [like, for example, that fine daddytypes advertiser over there,]

World's Easiest Folding Stroller? [coochicoos and vimeo]


I have to say, I'm starting to see the light on this. The whole thing seemed a little clunky when I first saw it, but that's pretty slick in action.

I dunno... it still looks pretty clunky to me.
That infant seat is HUGE and I can't imagine hauling it around. The rocker's pretty sweet though.

They've made some major improvements since I first saw the prototypes about a year ago. They also have plans to expand functionality into the toddler years with a toddler car seat. That's good news. I couldn't imagine throwing out the whole $900 rig once the kid got to be over 20 lbs.!

But the bassinette, rocker, and toddler seat are not included in that $900 price tag. OK, just how much is this thing going to set me back, anyway?! Maybe I should just get the kid a Segway!

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