September 28, 2006

Lilli Bule: Le Blog/Boutique, C'est Moi

Lilli Bule is a really cool-looking [and judging from their press clippings, very plugged in] children's clothing store in BFParis [the 11th] that specializes in independent designers and limited-run and unique clothes. It's also a blog, a blog with the retail built right in. They say theirs is the first online shop built in Typepad, so bully for Bule. They ship worldwide, too, even if so far, "tout le monde" is mostly Belgium and Japan.

Here's an excerpt from an interview the two moms behind LB did soon after the launch of the blogstore, translated in spots by me:ACB:...My two boys (Arthur, 8 & Nils 10 mos.) are my first testers, and in materials and clothing, I have the same exigencies as all moms. [trans.: ummm...] Namely, the clothes must be practical, solid, washable.

La mode pour garçons, ça existe ? [trans.: I left this one in French cuz it sounds better. Try it!]
ACB : Et oui [ditto.]


It's not just girls who can find nice varieties of things to wear! That is one of my chevaux de bataille [what, battle stallions?]: forget dress codes, be less conformist, mix colors and materials...

[so these sweet, handmade car and digger t-shirts are for girls, too? And the strawberry and chicken ones are for boys? I kid because I love. Hey, at least they have the stuff.]
Who are the clients of the online boutique?
AR : Lots of moms from the sticks [mamans de province], who can't find stuff as large or focused as at Lilli Bulle. But also clients from abroad, Belgium and Japan. Et des clientes parisiennes [um, seriously? No clients, just clientes?] who don't have the time to come to rue de la Forge royale. [That's 3, rue de la Forge royale. 3, rue de la Forge royale. Operators are standing by.]

In addition to the clothes, there are cool dolls and stuffed toys, and the book selection looks great, too; they've clearly tapped into the whole Japanese design mook scene.

Lilli Bule online boutique [via balouga]

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I suppose you are joking with the battle stallions translation, but just in case, cheval de bataille means loosely a topic that is very important for someone and for which that someone will particularly fight

[thanks, the closest English phrase I could think of was "battle cry" or "rallying cry," but it didn't have the nice, horsey imagery of the original -ed.]

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