September 26, 2006

NY Mag Gets The Nanny-Spying Money Quote

get_off_the_babysitter.jpgCongratulations [sic] to the nanny narc-ing blog for helping turn New York Magazine onto the whole Babysitter Surveillance Industrial Complex this week.

And they get Rhyder McClure [real name], the founder of the New York Nanny Cam Company [installation: $1200], to explain what this whole nanny-spying business is--and isn't--about:

"It’s more about ‘What are the kids doing?’ than ‘What’s the bitch up to?,’ ...Instead of calling home, you just log in. I’d say about 20 percent of the cameras we put in, the nanny is fired the next day.”
Easy Ways To Spy On The Babysitter [nymag via dt reader anasophia]


Our baby hasn't even been born yet, but we already put in a $100 model from Radio Shack. No sound, but picutre is great and works over the internet. Fired out dog walker within the week. Apparently she found the "walking" part of her title to be optional.

Personally. I am a nanny. The best! I charge a ton and I work hard and lovingly. I honestly, advise the parents to get cams when I am at the interview. I also insist that if they do, that as they watch, and as time passes, I get the raise I deserve, because quite frankly, if you want to crtique and evaluate me on a daily basis, well then pay up!

[great insight. doesn't quite match the story you tell on your blog, but it sure sounds great. thanks! -ed.]

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