September 25, 2006

The Bloom Bloom Room: More Stroller-vation From The Far East


Here's a find from the Kind+Jugend expo:

Did someone mention high-design high chairs? A new company called Bloom introduced some rather sleek-looking designs at K+J last week, including the Fresco--a European take on hot-in-Asia baby chairs from the likes of Aprica and Combi--and the Soho--a slightly biomorphically contoured pushchair/stroller.


The Bloombaby website only has teasers at the moment, which is where I grabbed these shots from: the Fresco reclines flat and has a 5-point harness, and yet it's slim enough to stand up designwise to the likes of Boon, Fleurville, Nest & Brio, not just the Aprica Marshmallow J90 orthopedic infant dentist chair rigs from Japan.


The stroller, meanwhile, looks kind of clean and athletic--so many strollers would look so much better if they'd just lose the baggage racks, canopies, and other tacked-on elements. Is someone working on a solution like this?--but the front wheels to seem a bit small, like a Combi crossed with a Bugaboo.

Bloom's K+J registration mentions a European sounding contact and a Hong Kong address, so this could be another example of upscale leveraging of Chinese product engineering. If anyone has any more info or pictures, definitely pass them along.

Bloom Baby: is your baby in Bloom? []
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