September 24, 2006

Studley Friend Finds Jesus In Ultrasound


If I'm non-plussed by the sighting of Jesus in a Studley, Warwickshire couple's ultrasound image, it's partly because Jesus is one of the most popular Spanish boy's names out there, so technically, ultrasounds with a Jesus in them happen all the time.

The other reason is I can't get over the fact that there's a town in England called Studley.

Face of Jesus Seen In Baby Scan
[ via theapt]


I don't know.. the big eyes... the elongated flat nose... I'll give 'em the long hair, but to me it looks more like a hippy alien.

It looks like a sphinx. A studly sphinx. Not like Jesus at all.

Oh man, if I lived in a town called Studley, you'd never ever ever be able to get me to move.

"Hey there handsome, where are you from?"

"Why actually, I live in Studley as a matter of fact."

*girlish squeals* Ooooh, reeeeelly?!?!

Actually there are at least three towns in England called Studley, as well as sundry Studley Parks, Green, Farms, Commons, Priories etc.
And a special mention has to be made of the two neighbouring villages in Yorkshire... Studley Royal and Studley Roger.

Looks more like Michael Jackson to me. Wow - his tastes just keep getting younger all the time!

I was going to say it looked like ET to me!

is this true??

looks like an old granny wearing glasses, jesus if its u then forgive me and i did not mean any offense at all.

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