September 23, 2006

This Week In Dangerous Cartoon Vegetables


More news from the front in the global war on cartoon vegetables, who threaten our children and our American Way of Life:

  • Spinach: The Other Deadly Leaf Even though his spinach grower, Boskovich Farms, is in as-yet e.coli-free Ventura county, I wonder Spongebob's people are kicking themselves for not taking that Marlboro meeting instead.
  • Verily Ye Have Your Reward? After selling the Saturday morning broadcast rights to NBC, the Veggie Tales animation ministers are now complaining that NBC has edited out all the denomination-specific religious references. "You can't serve God and Mammon," "render unto Caesar...", "by their veggies ye shall know them," there are so many ways to go with this. Personally, I'm still going with "made my baby cry."

    Previously: With Disney Apples, Character Licensing Goes End-to-End
    WWJD?? Veggie Tales Made My Child Cry


    So it turns out spinach is bad for you.

    There are literally hundreds of thousands of children screaming 'I told you so!'

    They are dancing in the streets even as I type this.

    Spinach is bad for you.

    [check again. those may actually be TMX Elmos -ed.]

    Does everything have to be branded?? SpongeBob SPINACH? Eeek.

    PS: Don't tell my kid this. I think spinach is awful. Something that tastes that nasty probably IS bad for you. She likes it steamed. Ugh.

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