September 22, 2006

Warning Labels You Won't See

The latest issue of Make Magazine features some great warning labels that you probably won't be seeing on any animatronic or injection-molded plastic toys anytime soon.

Danger: Early Brand Exposure The maker of this toy is trying to create a postive branding experience. This brand exposure will create a lasting impression that will affect your child's behavior over the next 18 years and beyond. By exposing kids to brands rather than experiences, you will help mold their thinking and hone thier consumer receptiveness. Studies have shown that these toys, with their bright colors and easy-to-use features, produce uniformly under-performing children who later become credit card abusers.
Personally, I'd like to see this one on baby clothes, sheets, bedding, and gear, too. And on diapers. Is it a coincidence that the Pampers-bred kid is all Sesame Street while her Huggies cousin is all Disney? I doubt it.

And don't forget the fruit now, too... oy.

Kids safety labels we want to see... []
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