September 21, 2006

The Argington Catalogue, AKA The Connecticutter Magazine


While all the other kids' noses are buried in their New Yorkers, for the last week, my kid's favorite book has been a piece of swag from Las Vegas: the new Argington catalogue.

Near as I can tell, the story goes something like this:

A little boy has five rocking chairs, four of which are in the storage unit in Long Island City. One weekend, he goes to visit his cousin in Hartford. His cousin has a giant room of his own, with wonderful light. All his stuff that doesn't fit in his sweet slow-hinge-lidded toy box, his parents just stick in some giant closet, or downstairs in the basement, or in the garage, or in the attic. Or wherever, no biggie.

They go downtown to a museum and to play in some water, not in a fire hydrant, but in a giant fountain underneath an Alexander Calder sculpture.

While they sit there drinking lattes, the boy's aunt and uncle ramble on and on about their great preschool, which cost like a dollar, and they keep asking his parents what they pay for parking again, and have they ever thought of moving out of the city.


Where's a kid getting a room that big in Hartford? Or do you mean the Hartford area?

[all i know is where that statue is. The rest was creative license -ed.]

Nice room. Good playschool. Boring place to live compared to NYC. (No offense Hartford. Where I live is boring compared to NYC, too...but my kid's room has nice light. So, um.)

I think they're called Nutmeggers.

At least his parents went cheap for toys...

That's an IKEA wood truck/trailer.

Greg, Tell me more about the little cantilevered chair (next to the rolling chalkboard). It's sweet (?).

It is sweet. And so is that blackboard stoarge table thing next to it.

very sweet. designed by Jenny Argie, it's called the Fundy Play Table and goes for $399. lots of nice storage inside the table and a little drawer for chalk and stuff. the Taj chair is one for 62.50 or two for $120. not bad, considering. company's based out of brooklyn and run by a husband and wife (designer)team. their line is cool, but i'm not a huge fan of the high chair, it just doesn't look comfortable.

My kid has been remarkably entertained by a Behr fence stain catalogue we picked up at Home Depot last week. She likes to tell us which colors go where. I should probably just substitute free literature for all her storybooks, it seems like she's being more creative with it.

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