September 13, 2006

Netto's Netto, Except They Call It Le Netto


At ABC Kid's Expo, the center of the convention hall is full of smaller booths, while the walled fortresses of the Baby Industrial Complex giants ring the perimeter.

And if a design proves itself by selling for several years in a row on the floor--like, say, David Netto's original cribs--then it is knocked off by one of the giants--like, say Quebec-based Morigeau Lepine--for sale through wider, longer-established distribution at a cheaper price point. It's win-win-win!

Or lose-win-draw, depending how you're scoring.

1 Comment

Wait a second... I think that sign's been photoshopped!

[absolutely NOT. Image Converted, yes, but not Photoshopped. -ed.]

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