September 13, 2006

Holly Hobbie, Teen Mom


Big news for the 2006 Holiday licensing season:

In the new Holly Hobbie & Friends series, Holly herself is the great-granddaughter of the "original" Holly Hobbie and feels a deep sense of connection to her personality, creativity and warmth. Holly even looks like her famous ancestor. But in a sign of the times, the new Holly wears boots and a funky signature cap complete with a touch of gingham - as a nod to the iconic bonnet worn by the original character.
Lessee here. If the new Holly is 8 now, that means she was born in 1998. And if the "'original' Holly" was 8 in 1974, when the first licensed doll came out, and now she's a great grandmother at 40...

No matter how you slice it, that's three generations of teen pregnancy right there. Sadder'n Diff'rent Strokes and the Olsen twins put together.

Holly Hobbie & Friends to launch next year [kidstodayonline]
The Wikipedia entry sure has a lot of exclamation points. [wikipedia]


You've totally excluded the possibility of adoption.

Of course, that doesn't explain the "looks like her famous ancestor" part...

Even for 1974, Holly's look was anachronistic, which would mean that either (1) she has access to a time machine that brings her to and from the prairie frontier, or (2) she belongs to some kind of Utah polygamist cult.

The latter seems far more likely, and obviously her great-grandkid managed to escape the compound and got herself to an Anthropologie outlet in Provo.

[yeah, I chose #2, too, which could help explain the whole birthrate thing. -ed.]

I hated the whole fake country look, although I loved Little House on the Prairie in all its incarnations. My mom made me carry a Holly Hobbie lunchbox instead of the Star Wars one I really wanted. I still hold a grudge about it and I am sure that it has something to do with the large display of lunchboxes we have on display in our home today.

When commercials for the new Holly Hobbie cartoon come on tv, my 2 1/2 year old even says "ooh, we don't like her, right mommy?"

[after all, what're kids for, if not to work out our issues left over from our own childhoods? -ed.]

Since you guys obviously need a woman to explain things to you, here goes. The original Holly was released in 1974, but was made to look as if she was from long ago. She even had stories for that time. So, if the story continues (remember guys, these are not real, they are toys), then her great-granddaughter would be from now and it would mean a time span of over 100 years. Seriously guys. Get a job and get a life.

[great advice coming from someone who roams the internet defending shamelessly exploitative licensing crap designed to prey on the moms' nostalgia for the gender-coded kitsch of their own youth. Thanks! -ed.]

im sorry but whats the problem? the old holly hobbie was well old so they put her into the newer generation because children in the 21st century wont play with holly hobby historical granny

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