September 12, 2006

Time Warner Sells Out; Token Dadblogger Keeps It Real

Gawker has the all-employee email announcement that Time, Inc. is selling off a bunch of their "niche" magazine titles, and by "niche," they mean magazines with a rate base of 2.2 million or less:

The Parenting Group is also for sale. These assets include:

In all there are 18 print titles for sale. 440 employees work at the
Time4 Media titles involved and another 120 work at The Parenting

So does that mean that Parenting's 6-week-old blog was launched in order to pretty up the deal, maybe by adding a lone, token dad to the mix?

Parenting: "what really matters to moms"
Babytalk: "straight talk for new moms"
The Parenting Post: "where moms and dads [or just one dad] get real"

Time4Bloodletting... [gawker]
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